Cut Costs with Postal-Code Based Shipping

By Sarah Windover | | Tagged PowerStores Updates

Cut Costs with Pin Code Based Shipping

With PowerStores’ newest upgrades to its shipping module, you can set up your shipping fees and logistics rules on a postal code level. This upgraded shipping feature can give you ultimate flexibility -- to set the shipping charges and delivery ranges that work best for your business.  

Here’s why you want to do this, and why it will save you money and headache.

1) Set shipping fees based on postal code

Large delivery services like Fedex and DHL will charge you, the seller, different shipping rates depending on where your customer is.  With postal-code based shipping, your PowerStores website can determine how much to charge your customers for shipping fees, based on the postal code entered by the customer during checkout. 

Your delivery service can provide you with a spreadsheet of rates by postal code, which you can upload to your PowerStores workspace (and we can help you with that!) So you will never lose money on shipping to far away or rural customers.

2) Ship Locally

If your business isn’t ready to expand nationwide or worldwide just yet, you can now restrict your delivery area to certain zip/postal codes. This feature is great for local businesses who only want to deliver within their city, i.e. a bakery who can only guarantee freshness with a one-day delivery window.

You can offer shipping to as many or as few postal codes as you like. Customers will only be able to complete a purchase if their postal code matches the postal codes you have inputted into your PowerStores workspace.

3) Set weight-based or price-based shipping rates by postal code

You can also determine how your shipping rates are calculated, whether it’s based on the weight of your product or the price of the product. Then you can charge higher shipping rates for heavier or more expensive products, to compensate for the increase in postal/delivery insurance. PowerStores allows you to create up to 9 different shipping rate slabs, to cover a range of weights or prices, and to set up the shipping fees by postal code AND by slab.

shipping rates by slab and by postal code

This advanced method of calculating shipping fees for your customers will help you to ensure you don’t discover hidden costs charged by the delivery company, after it’s too late to charge the customer.


Now you can easily manage where your business ships to, which shipping method, and how the shipping fees are calculated, based on what suits your business the most. Our new postal code-based shipping feature stacks well against the competition and was created with shipping flexibility in mind.  And the PowerStores team will help you set it up for your PowerStore in no time!

If your business is ready to activate postal code-based shipping for your PowerStore, please email to learn how to enable this feature on your workspace.