Introducing Loyalty Program Management for PowerStores Merchants

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged PowerStores Updates

Loyalty Programs inspire your customers to buy more!

Loyal customers are the gold standard for recurring sales.  Typically less than 20% of your customer base will be “loyal” customers (in other words, returning again and again to make more purchases), but they can make up more than 50% of your sales.  So clearly it’s in your best interest to target and reward these loyal customers. The most common way to do this in e-commerce is to create what’s called a Loyalty Program.

PowerStores now offers a full-featured Loyalty and Rewards Program which you can make available to your customers on your ecommerce site.  With this program, customers can earn points for every purchase, and can redeem those points on future purchases.

Here’s how it works.

1) A Customer Earns Points

As the administrator of your online store, you will set a point value for each product, just as you would set a selling price.  So, when a customer buys something on your site, they will earn points.

Your Product Detail page displays Rewards Points

Note that only registered customers will earn points.  So this also encourages shoppers to register on your site, which means that you will now have their contact info and can add them to your email marketing mailing list (provided that they opt in for it).

2) Customer Buys More, to Earn More Points

At any time, a customer can log into your store and view their “My Account” page.  There they will see how many points they have accrued.  They can use their points on their next purchase, or they can buy more products outright to keep growing their number of points.

Registered Customers can view their points on My Account page

3) Customer Redeems His Points

The next time he comes to your store, your customer can use all or part of his points towards his next purchase. (When setting the point values for your products, you can also set how much the price can be reduced using points.) He’s happy that he’s saved money, and you’re happy that you’ve got a returning customer!

Customers can redeem their points on future purchases

To learn more about PowerStores Loyalty Program, you can read our support articles on the topic:

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Two of our favorite PowerStores customers, My Envy Box and Propel, are already using this great feature: and Propel RC websites

The Loyalty Program is one of many features that we’ve included in our PowerStores platform specifically to help you run a successful online business. We at PowerStores see it as our #1 priority to help our customers succeed with their online stores.

And we will continue to release more and more features to help our customers grow and thrive.  Look for new PowerStores announcements here on this blog!