Game-ify your PowerStore with Reward Triggers

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged PowerStores Updates

Game-ify your PowerStore with Reward Triggers

As we’ve announced here, PowerStores has recently launched an awesome built-in Loyalty and Rewards Program for our merchants.  With this Loyalty Program, your customers can earn points on purchases and then use those points to get deals and discounts.

Points can be used to gain new customers and to keep old ones coming back. And there are many creative ways you can use points.  So, now that your customers are loving points, let's talk about the various ways to distribute them!

Think of it like playing a video game, where there’s more than one way to score points.  You can reward your customers with points not just for buying something, but also for other actions such as “liking” or sharing your site on Facebook, writing a review of one of your products, referring a friend to your site, or many others.  Whatever action you want your customers or site visitors to do, you can encourage them to do it in order to earn more points.

We’ve started with site registration.  This is a commonly sought-after behaviour by our merchants - you want your site visitors to register for your site, so that you can add them to your mailing list and inform them of sales, promotions, or other announcements.

This feature is now available in the PowerStores platform.  PowerStores merchants can now easily set up a trigger that allocates x amount of points to a visitor who creates an account on your shop.  Just head over to your Loyalty and Rewards setup page within the Marketing tab of your Workspace to make it happen.

Setting up your Rewards Program in your Workspace

To see this feature in action, check out our customer Propel Toys, where they give 1000 Points to all new users that sign up for their Flight Club.

Propel Toys offers 1000 rewards points on site registration

This is the first of many event triggers that we have coming in the near future, to award your loyal customers with points.  Check back here for more PowerStores news and announcements coming soon!