5 Ways Coupons Can Help You Promote your Online Store

By Urvi Shah | | Tagged Marketing your Online Store


Coupons can be a vital element of online store’s marketing plan. Coupons are basically tools which can be used to encourage your customers to behave in a way that is best for your business. And if you make the customer feel that they have been rewarded for their interaction with you, they will not only remember this experience positively, but will likely return to your online store again... and again.

Here are 5 top ways in which you can use coupons to promote your online store and increase revenues.

1. Attract New Customers: Coupons can help you attract new customers to your online store by offering them generous discounts. Use social media networks like Facebook, affiliates like Snapdeal or Groupon, and other marketing channels to distribute your coupons, then sit back and watch them get redeemed!

2. Customer Registration: You can use coupons to entice your store visitors to register at your site. This will help you gather email id’s for your mailing list, which you can then use to email them about attractive offers, discounts, new collections, sales, etc. and bring them back to your store repeatedly.

3. Social Media Word-of-Mouth: You can also use coupons to create brand ambassadors, meaning you can offer discounts to those who share your site or products on their social media networks or refer to your store to their friends. This will help you reach out to your relevant target audience at minimal cost.

4. Reward your New Customers: You can help create a ‘Wow’ experience that will stay with your first-time customers. Surprise them with a discount coupon with their first purchase. Not only will they be happy to receive such a gift, they will likely return to your store to redeem the coupon and give you additional business.

5. Create Loyal Customers: Coupons can also be used to create brand loyalty. If you offer coupons to your registered customers on a regular basis, and perhaps an exclusive basis, not only do you help with top-of-the-mind brand recall, you also encourage customers to stay loyal to you and give you repeat business because you’ve made them feel special.

A big advantage of using coupons over other marketing efforts is that you get to see the results immediately. Most coupons tend to be for limited time only, so you don’t need to wait too long to judge their effectiveness. Coupons also help you identify which social media channels as well as which marketing strategies work best for you. Just ensure that you use different coupons codes for different channels, such as “EMAIL20” and “FACEBOOK20”, so that it becomes easy to identify the source of the coupons redeemed.

One of the other important things to keep in mind is that the back-end of your store needs to work seamlessly in the process of coupon generation and coupon redemption. Coupon marketing is one of those tactics that you need to manage on an everyday basis when running an online store.

Now that you know how coupons can help promote your online store, our next post will cover how coupons can help you generate quick sales!