Meet PowerStores 2

By Cory York | | Tagged PowerStores Updates

Meet PowerStores 2

Today we are thrilled to announce our release of PowerStores 2!

PowerStores 2 is a major update and redesign to your store’s workspace panel. In addition to a new look and feel, we have launched 9 new mobile-responsive FREE themes.  Now with complete access to the HTML and CSS of all theme layouts using our Fluid markup language.  We've also updated our Help Center to give you all the help you need in building your store.  Finally, our corporate website is redesigned, including a completely new way to sign up and create a store.

New Workspace

For our current PowerStores customers - don’t worry, your store will look exactly the same to your customers.  Only your back-end workspace has changed. We’ve redesigned the workspace to make it easier to find the places you’ll most want to go to - changing your store’s look and feel, adding products, and processing orders.

New PowerStores dashboard

Try Out a New Theme

With this new release, we have added 9 new mobile-responsive themes to choose from.

Try our new mobile responsive themes

PowerStores customers, if you want to check out our new themes and perhaps change your store over to a new theme, take a look in your Workspace “Themes” section.  For complete instructions, read our support article on Changing Your Theme.

Break Free from Cookie-Cutter Themes. Control your Own Design.

Want to stand out from the pack? Now you can customise 100% of the user experience. Any HTML/CSS developer in the world can create a unique experience for your customers using our Fluid HTML/CSS editor.  With PowerStores 2, you can get right into the code from our new Workspace. 

Our template editor gives you access to the HTML/CSS code for further customization

Learn How with Our New Help Center

We've fully updated our Help Center with more comprehensive articles to help you with all aspects of building a store.

PowerStores Help Center

From adding products, to integrating payment gateways, to customising your site's design, it's all there.  Visit our Help Center now.

Pain-Free Upgrade

PowerStores 2 comes at no extra cost to you. It’s all part of why PowerStores is so great. Upgrades come at no cost and no pain.

We hope you enjoy our new look! Let's start selling!