“I was overwhelmed by the idea of creating a website until I met PowerStores!“

By Urvi Shah | | Tagged Customer Stories

Nadia's website homepage

Meet Nadia Gunardisurya. She is a professional photographer living in the tropical paradise of beach-side Goa. When asked how she came about creating a website to showcase her portfolio, this is what she had to say:

“I used to visit websites of many renowned photographers to browse and to learn. I was well-aware of the importance of having a portfolio website, but I never considered making one for myself. To begin with, it seemed that it was something where people who had ‘made it’ in photography had such websites. I hadn’t quite ‘made it’ yet,” she laughs.


For Nadia, the second biggest hurdle to overcome was undertaking the project of building a website. “I was thoroughly overwhelmed! The project of making a website seemed large and unwieldy and I wasn’t sure if I was up to it.

“Thirdly,” she says, “it was very difficult to identify who to work with. Goa attracts all sorts of people and I had no idea who was trustworthy, reliable and capable of delivering the kind of website I had begun to envision for myself.”

That is when she came across PowerStores.

The first impression she had of PowerStores was “Wow! This is a bona-fide office with a number of people working in different departments and there is a structure and process for everything!” PowerStores had won her trust!

Photo from Nadia's website

The second thing she remarked upon was the sheer willingness of the staff to help her realise her vision. What she wanted required customization, and she was impressed with the PowerStores team’s effort to create exactly what she wanted. “Even when there was no ready solution at hand, they would work out a way to make the elements I wanted possible!”

Most importantly, Nadia came to see how really effortless it was to work with PowerStores to create her online portfolio. Instead of the dread she had anticipated, she felt enthusiasm for the website that was taking shape.

Finally, Nadia says, “I haven’t quite ‘made it’ in the photography industry here in Goa, but PowerStores helped me realise that I could use a website to get there!”

Photo of Nadia from her

Thank you, Nadia! PowerStores believes you will definitely ‘get there’! Wishing you best of luck!