How the Right Title Tags Can Improve the Performance of your Website

By Urvi Shah | | Tagged Marketing your Online Store

Here’s an important fact for all website owners to be aware of. Aside from the actual content of a website page, the title tag of that page is its most important element. So, let’s talk a bit about what is a title tag and why it’s important.

What is a Title Tag?

As the name implies, the title tag sets the title for each page on your website or online store. You’ll see it within the

fields of the HTML. Its most important purpose is to provide an accurate description of what the page is all about.

What is it used for?

Let’s look at all the places it gets displayed:

1. Browser: Depending on which browser you use, you’ll see the page title appear in the top of the window, on the tab header.

Page title for PowerStores homepage in Chrome browser  


2. Search Engine Results: When your website shows up in search results, the title tag of the page will show up as the first line of the search result. 

PowerStores homepage title tag in Google Search


3. External Websites: When another site links to your site, such as when someone shares a link on Facebook, the title tag of that page will show up as the headline of that link. 

Page title displayed on Facebook link


4. URL: Depending on the browser you use, the title tag of your home page will show up when the user is typing your URL in the address bar.

PowerStores page title in browser when typing URL


5. Bookmarks: Depending on the browser, the title tag will show up when a user bookmarks your website.

PowerStores page title when adding a bookmark


How can your title tag help improve the performance of your website?

Now that you know where the title tag gets displayed, let’s look at what role it plays in the performance of your website, i.e. in creating brand awareness, getting more clicks to your website and in helping with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

1. It tells people what the page is about. Especially when it comes up in search engine results, this information can be the deciding factor as to whether or not someone clicks the link and visits your website.

2. When you include your most relevant keyword(s) in the page title, that helps Google’s search engine algorithm to index the page accurately, so that your page is more likely to show up when that keyword is searched.

3. It enables you to create brand awareness by including your brand name with the right keyword.

Where to Put Title Tags in your PowerStore

For PowerStores customers, here’s how to add page titles in your store’s pages:

1. Go to your Workspace by logging into your store.
2. Go to Website > Site Pages
3. Open any page or add a new page, and look for the “Title” field in the form.

Adding title tag in your PowerStores Workspace

That’s it! If you haven’t done so already, please go now and ensure that each and every page in your website has a title tag, and you may see a difference in your SEO results!


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