Manage Your PowerStore from Anywhere, Any Device

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged PowerStores Updates

Introducing a breakthrough new feature which will change the way you manage your online store – our responsive Workspace!

What this means: Now, the same easy-to-use web-based Workspace that PowerStores merchants use to manage their stores, can now be used on your mobile or tablet just as easily as on your computer.

PowerStores Workspace on a tablet and mobile phone

Think of the ways you can make use of this:

  • Login to your Workspace dashboard from anywhere – such as your stock room, your warehouse, your factory, or your car - using your mobile browser.
  • Process orders, update product pricing, and email customers while on the go.
  • You can even BUILD your site right from your mobile, adding product images straight from your phone’s camera!

Give it a try today!  Log into your Workspace from your mobile or tablet, or if you’re not a PowerStores customer, start a free trial today!