'PowerStores allowed us to focus on our business instead of worrying about setting up our online store.'

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged Customer Stories

The founders of SkinYoga.in

Meet Radhika, Jagriti & Deepika. They are young, talented and passionate about what they do - providing luxury skin care. In fact, they are so passionate about it, they decided to get into business together and take their passion to the world audience. 

What they needed was an online store to launch their business. They acknowledged that technical skills were not their strong suit and were on the lookout for an easy solution to create their online store. They did not come to PowerStores first, however. They chose a different service provider who offered a similar service as PowerStores. However, there was one big drawback…

“While they did have some cool features, the biggest issue with them was efficiency and weak customer support,” says Jagriti. “I often had to talk to multiple people on the same phone call to explain what I wanted. Even the smallest queries often took days and many, many phone calls to get resolved.”

The problem, as Jagriti explains, is that it took up too much of their time and their limited resources. “This is a new business and we are only the 3 of us managing it. Spending so much time just to get our website done was simply not working out for us. We needed to spend that time getting our business up and running” she rues. 

That is when they made an executive decision to simply look for another service provider rather than continue to spend more and more time to get the website completed with their existing ecommerce platform.This is where PowerStores came in and this is the website that got created for SkinYoga.in.
SkinYoga.in home page

“You guys have an excellent customer support team,” gushes Jagriti. “Not only did we get all the support we needed in a timely and efficient manner, your customer support Guru also provided us with a lot of insight on user experience and how to make our website better and more effective. They gave us the benefit of their extensive knowledge of how ecommerce works to ensure that our customers had the best possible experience on our site.”

However, the thing that Jagriti is most thankful for is that neither she nor her partners had to waste any time or effort in the process of setting up the website. “We would not be where we are today in the short span of time since we launched our website if we wasted all our time on the website instead of focusing on our business.”

Thanks, Jagriti! We wish you and your partners good luck in tending to and growing your business by leaps and bounds!