PowerStores New Feature Launch - Blogs! And, Why You Need a Blog on your Website URL

By Cory York | | Tagged PowerStores Updates

The PowerStores blog uses our own blog platform feature!

Today PowerStores is launching one more valuable feature on our Ecommerce Platform - Blogs! You can now host your own blog on your PowerStore!

Now, you no longer need to host a blog on a third party vendor like WordPress or Blogger and link it to your website. You can now create a blog on the PowerStores platform itself, which allows you to host your blog on your own website/online store.

Here are the top 5 ways you'll benefit by having your blog reside on your own website and URL:

Benefit #1: Updating your blog with fresh content on a regular basis helps keep your website dynamic and search engine web crawlers busy - helping you increase your search engine Page Rank.

Benefit #2: Tags, keywords and fresh blog content will help reinforce the topic of your website and bring more relevant traffic to your site.

Benefit #3: People coming to your blog for content will have easy access to your website, giving you an advantage over your competition.

Benefit #4: Blog traffic will increase your overall website traffic, helping you increase your search engine Page Rank.

Benefit #5: The blog will allow you to expand the scope of interaction you have with your target audience, helping you create engagement and brand loyalty with your customers. Watch this space for more on this!

In fact, we are soon going to post a bunch of useful blog posts on the potential of blogging and how it can impact your business. We will also talk about how best to utilize this potential of your blog, what kind of content to post, how best to engage your target audience, how to market your blog to the right set of viewers, etc.

In the meantime, check out how to create your own blog on your PowerStore by watching the video above or reading the support article here.

Happy Blogging!