Meet Indrajit Chowdhury- Co-Founder and CTO of PowerStores

By Urvi Shah | | Tagged PowerStores team

Wanna know what makes a CTO? Here is a little insight into the professional career of our Co-Founder and CTO, Indrajit Chowdhury.

Indrajit was first exposed to computer programming at a summer internship in the early 90’s at a research lab in the University of Wisconsin. But this was no ordinary summer job: Indrajit was at a research lab funded by the Human Genome Project, and here, he learnt how to program robotic arms. It is easy to see how such an impactful introduction to programming can easily lead to a lifetime commitment to the field, and so it was with Indrajit.

Two years later, in 1995, Indrajit found himself in New York, as part of a team of consultants who launched the website for the big media brand, Nickelodeon - which went on to become the highest trafficked kids’ website on the Internet. After that first experience in website development, Indrajit left the Nickelodeon team to flirt with what would later emerge as the second most important passion in his professional life after programming - startups!

Indrajit’s first startup experience was setting up the world’s first Internet grocery store, which was quickly followed by another half a dozen other startups in the coming decade, including a High School Sports Social Networking company, Viral Gaming via Email, Handheld “name that tune” music recognition software, and a Video Email company. 

Fast forward to the year 2000, when after watching his wife struggle to build and manage a website for her non-profit organisation, Indrajit decided to put his programming skills to work to help her.  He created an integrated solution for his wife’s NGO that included website building, online donations, and email marketing tools aimed at the NGO sector. 

This early experience of witnessing the power of software to change a small business’s future led to Indrajit co-founding PowerStores with his partner Cory York. His and Cory’s staunch belief is that Ecommerce can transform the lives of small business owners if it is made easy and accessible. 

At PowerStores, Indrajit’s responsibilities including leading product development, serving as a coach and mentor to his programmers, and technical operations management. And he and his team often stay late on Friday nights for gaming sessions and hackathons, sharing their passion for software programming!