'I was successful before, yet PowerStores changed everything.'

By Urvi Shah | | Tagged Customer Stories

Image from Universal Hockey's website

Universal Hockey is a professional hockey training institute based in Canada, owned and run by Daniel Bochner. This is his story.

Daniel is a professional hockey player-turned-elite trainer. With his business, Daniel has been offering elite camps, private/semi-private lessons, clinics, consulting, coach mentoring, and off-ice training, amongst other professional training services, for many years now. He has had plenty of clients and has been successful for a long time before he decided to get online with PowerStores.

And yet, Daniel says PowerStores changed everything for him!

It sounds a bit dramatic, but he is very clear in his explanation. “I am a hockey player and trainer. That’s what I do. But I used to spend so much time in the administration side of my business, that it sapped the joy out my work. You see, customers would show up to classes and pay with cash or cheque in person. It was really difficult to manage because I had to keep track of everyone’s information on the spot, handle transactions, update records, and get ready to teach at all the same time. Saying that it was inconvenient is an understatement.”

So, when he decided to get a website which allowed for customers to book their classes and pay online, everything changed and the whole process became streamlined. Now, he spends more time with the students on teaching and training, and both he and his students are happier for it!

So, how did PowerStores work for Daniel?

In Daniel’s own words, “PowerStores was great from step 1 right up to the finish line. They helped me design and setup my site, and their ongoing support when I need it is always fast and helpful.”


According to Daniel, as much as it was a hassle to collect payments from his students, he also didn’t want the hassle of chasing web developers to get his website up and running - or the cost of paying someone each time he wanted to make changes to the dates and availability of his classes, update latest events and news, etc.

He needed a system that was easy, quick, and cost-effective, and PowerStores checked all the right boxes. And the customer support he has received from PowerStores has made the whole experience easy and even - in his words - enjoyable!

Thank you, Daniel! We are here to make sure your online store succeeds and helps your business to grow! We wish you all the very best!