Your Second Chance at Making a Sale! Access Abandoned Shopping Carts

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged PowerStores Updates

Abandoned shopping carts are a missed opportunity for a sale

Today PowerStores launched the ability to download a list of customers who added a product to their shopping cart on your ecommerce website and then left without paying for their order. This is called an “abandoned cart”.

What can you do with this abandoned cart list? Well, this gives you a lead on a potential order! You now have an opportunity to contact these visitors and close the deal.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your abandoned cart list:

  • Send them a reminder email
  • Give them a discount code to help turn their indecision into a sale!
  • Phone them!

When you download the abandoned cart list, each entry will include a link which you can send to your customer. She can click the link to open her filled shopping cart, with her order ready to be paid for. It’s so easy for customers to complete their order with this link!

For more information on how to access your abandoned cart list, view our support article.