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5 Things PowerStores Does for Your Business

By Sarah Windover | | Tagged Starting an Online Business

PowerStores is a leading cloud-based web platform designed for small and medium sized businesses. Businesses can use PowerStores and our expert support team to design, set up, manage, and grow a website or webstore. Whether you’re starting an online business, taking your existing business online, or are ready to upgrade your website, PowerStores has all the key components for a successful digital business, all in one place: 1) Web…

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No Pain No Gain: No Longer True for Building A Website

By Urvi Shah | | Tagged Starting an Online Business

‘No Pain, No Gain’ seems to be the way things go for everything in life, whether it’s a fitness program or even an online business. No matter what it is we want to achieve, we have to endure a painful ordeal to get it, right? Let’s look at all the hassles you will have to go through (or already have gone through) when you want to build an ecommerce store and/or take your business online. PAIN #1: Finding the righ…

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Do-It-Yourself SEO

By Urvi Shah | | Tagged Marketing your Online Store, Starting an Online Business

Search engines like Google are the primary way in which your web site gets found by customers and interested parties. So, helping search engines find you is absolutely critical to your ability to build traffic to your site. The process of getting search engines to notice your site and report it in the search results is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short. SEO is everything to do with managing how well and how high up you ap…

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Honey, shall we build an online store this weekend?

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged Starting an Online Business

Which of these describes you? I have an existing small business that I want to take online I want to sell products or services online I have little or no knowledge about web development I am in a hurry to get my online business started I have a limited amount of money to invest in building my business I want to test the business idea before putting a big investment behind it If any of the above applies to you, then read o…

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Start your online business…Now!

By Cory York | | Tagged Starting an Online Business

So many people out there have exciting business ideas, but they have one thing in common – they are new to doing business online. And naturally there are a lot of questions about how to get started. So if you have ever thought about going online with your own store but were not sure how to do it, read on. 1.Think about what you want to sell online. It can be anything. Your business idea could be conventional or unusual ... Maybe y…

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